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Online Auctions

Online bidding, internet-only, timed auctions with

This type of internet, ascending bid auction is a productive way to get participation of buyers spread over a very large geographic area. Bidders can comfortably participate from their home or office and either receive purchases shipped when possible or come to pick up from Paul Delphia’s warehouse or from the seller’s site. Paul Delphia and AuctionViaInternet team members will photograph and catalogue your
items, post on the bidding platform and place promotional materials as well as arrange for showings by appointment or occasionally supervised “open house” times. Finally the team will supervise the bidding (usually over a ten day or more period) and supervise the pick up and or shipping as appropriate and handle payment collection with net to seller payments often as quickly as 5 days from the event. . It is common for the initial walk through by the team member to be followed by a written proposal detailing the stream of events and pointing out strategic steps that will be taken including those that the seller should consider to maximize the outcome of the internet online auction.

See archive of past online auctions.

Live Auctions

Live, on-site actual auctions are a long standing, productive, exciting and efficient way to turn assets into cash.

On-site auctions are often the best approach for a given situation. Paul Delphia Auctioneer will implement online simultaneous bidding when appropriate. The On-site actual live auction can be a very efficient and thorough way to convert assets to cash. Paul Delphia’s live auction team will prepare the site, promote the event, conduct open houses or inspection dates when appropriate and conduct the live auction event with clerk and cashier on auction day, and supervise pick up during subsequent days. It is common for the initial walkthrough by the team member to be
followed by a written proposal detailing the stream of events and pointing out strategic steps that will be taken including those that the seller should consider to maximize the outcome of the live on site auction.    SCROLL DOWN FOR CURRENT AUCTIONS

Appraisal Services

Appraisal services generating fair market value. Appraisals done quickly and confidentially.

Paul Delphia, Auctioneer is pleased to provide appraisal services to secured creditors or other parties in need of “fair market” appraisals. Paul Delphia, Auctioneer limits his appraisal activity to asset classes that he is familiar with through his auction business. As such fair market appraisals are informed by his familiarity with current market prices of subject assets and are a useful tool to predict what the value of he assets would be discovered to be at an open public auction.


Upcoming Auctions:

Oct 22nd, 2019 at 3 p.m. through Oct 28th, 2019 at 4 15 p.m.

Online-Only Auction

online bidding business liquidation…mail box and shipping shop

business closed, pack and ship and mail boxes, 1280 w. fifth ave. equipment and van to sell

Pak Mail, a shipping and mail box operation at 1280 W. Fifth Ave has ceased business.

All equipment and the van is being offered in separate lots at online bidding here.

The online bidding will start to end Monday Afternoon starting at 3 p.m. The lots are staggered with on lot closing per minute. The Van is being offered with a nominal reserve.

Pick up must all be done by 4 p.m. Thursday with Tuesday and Wednesday pick up preferred.

Pick up times by apt. Tuesday, and Wed all day, Thursday till 4 only.

Van can stay in lot later than Thursday . Payment on van must be in full and certain before title and possession given to buyer. Other items are cash or credit card. All purchases will have a 15% buyer’s premium to be added to the online bidding to make the final purchase price.

Oct 25th, 2019 at 5 p.m. through Oct 25th, 2019 at 6:30

Live Auction


Clintonville hoarder...needs room.... items brought to flea market canopy for auction open to public

Cintonville hoarder/ collector  needs room…  selling about 20 tables full of various collecibles/ antiques  etc.

flea market or ebay type ready…. buy to resell or use

fast moving auciton…outside flea market….. public auction all welcome wether flea market dealler on other.

no buyer’s premium.   no sales tax this event at this time.   terms Cash or Auctioneer approved check…..

Past Auctions: