Paul Delphia, Auctioneer licensed since 1989

Columbus Auctioneer, Paul Delphia helps individuals, businesses and organizations convert assets to cash quickly and trouble free. Paul Delphia, Auctioneer conducts auctions in Columbus, Central Ohio and throughout all of Ohio. Paul also does business as Restaurant Equipment Auction Specialists of America (formerly of Ohio ) and as such does auctions of restaurants, pizza shops, catering, bars, grocery stores and other food and beverage operations. Paul Delphia, a licensed
auctioneer since 1989in Ohio also does Household and Antique auctions whether they be estate auctions, power of attorney (poa), guardianships or household moving or downsizing auctions. Paul Delphia, Auctioneer is also licensed by Ohio as DBA
AuctionViaInernet and as such conducts Online only auctions for a wide range of sellers, Paul Delphia is also licensed to DBA in Ohio as GetRugs, a specialized auction company, G.E.T. Rugs that deals with hand woven rugs at auction.

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